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1. Objective

EuroCom plans and establishes industrial plants worldwide, which exhibit a high level concerning safety, health and environment protection. Basis is an effective concept as a component of self obligation from EuroCom for acting in professional/responsible matter.

2. Application

The available guideline applies to all customer projects. In other ventures in which EuroCom is involved in the operational guidance, the application of this guideline or an equivalent proceeding is contractually agreed with the partners. These guidelines shall apply for all kind of projects, irrespective of EuroCom's scope of responsibility i. e. General Contractor with sole responsibility, supervision of subcontractors, or project management for complete units.

3. Proceedings

The present guide line provides a uniform frame to be applied within in the EuroCom group of compa-nies, for a multilevel system of safety, health and environment (SHE) rules during the completion of projects. The EuroCom-Management controls on the basis of defined time and targets during the course of project whether the legal, the customer's and EuroCom's internal requirements are fulfilled. To achieve the planned targets, EuroCom shall introduce suitable measurements and guidances, if necessary.

4. Responsibilites and Qualifications

Depending on the project structure EuroCom shall accomplish the SHE - analysis. Within the contractual responsibilities the relevant technology data are determined by the customer or by EuroCom. The Project Management shall be responsible for the systemized completion of the project as well as the documentation.

The internal and/or external SHE-Manager shall be appointed by the Managing Director of EuroCom. Also the Project Management is bound to the instructions of the SHE-Manager, who is reporting directly to the Managing Director of the EuroCom Group. The SHE-Manager has a special education to comply with legal requirements.

5. Contents

The SHE - Requirements shall comprise following details:

5.1. Plant safety
Security concept of the procedure
Choice of location and site plan / site utilisation plan
Building concept, inclusive fire and explosion prevention
Emergency and danger warning measures
Logistics/transportation security

5.2. Work and Health Protection
o safe operability
o reliable and ergonomic operational sequences
Exposition of the co-workers
o dangerous materials
o physical effects (noise, lighting etc..)
preventive health protection

5.3. Environmental Protection and Permission
Exhaust gas emissions (avoidance, reduction, utilization, cleaning)
Waste water (avoidance, reduction, recycling, cleaning)
Noise (avoidance, reduction)
Wastes (avoidance, reduction, recycling, removal)
Groundwater and ground protection (inclusive refuse dump situation)
Necessary authority permissions

6. Levels of SHE

6.0. Level 0


Identification of fundamental risks in the different fields. Preliminary decisions for procedures, location and logistics.


As early as possible. With security concept already existing and determined site, this discussion could be summarized within stage 1.


Project summary
Identification of special risks by materials and procedures
Questions to environmental protection, emissions in air and water
Disposal conception
Contaminated sites
Risks by climate, flood, earthquake, neighbourhood, etc..
Logistics concept for raw materials, products and wastes
Requirements of the infrastructure
Questions to official permissions/licenses

6.1. Level 1


Examination of the submitted concepts for procedures, location, building and logistics. Confirmation or amendments of strategies.


After presentation and approval of target specification.


Materials (quantities, characteristic data, evaluation of the characteristics)
Production and methods of process, equipment and materials
Potential events of fault and their effects
Prevention of danger, security concept
Questions to work and health protection
Medical emergency management, organization of medical assistance
External emergency management
Fire protection concept
Logistics concept
Availability of raw materials and energies, energy optimization
Gaseous emissions, exhaust-gas treatment, waste water,
  waste water treatment, water protection, noise control, ground protection
Waste minimization, avoidance, disposal proof
Authority licensing procedure

6.2. Level 2


Adoption of environmental protection and of the security concept and the engineering.


Security concept and environmental protection concepts are containing.


Adoption of the environmental protection concepts
Adoption of the security concept:
o examination of the production process
o examination of safety-relevant items of equipment
o security of handling, transport and storage
o fire and explosion prevention
o security and ergonomics during operation and maintenance
Preliminaries of detail - engineering
Examination of the official licensing procedure

6.3. Level 3


Systematic examination on security and operating ability


After completion of the visualization of the final production process and simultaneously to the preparation of engineering.


Examination of selected, safety-relevant components in a standardized procedure and backed up by appropriate documentation.

6.4. Level 4


Examination of the implementation of security -, health protection and environmental protection concept before start-up.


After mechanical completion, before start-up.


Adoption of the environmental protection concepts
Examination of the official permission/license situation
Confirmation of all necessary acceptance tests
Examination of the organizational provisions for a safe
  running-up of the plant
Inspection of plant and survey of
o escape and emergency routes
o personal emergency means
o fire-extinguishing equipments
o sign-posting
o fall -, stumble -, impact -, and squeezing dangers
o operability of armatures

7. SHE - Requirements

The requirements are documented in EuroCom's own SHE. Beyond that all customers own SHE-requirements apply. The German and the respective national SHE are used in such a way that the higher requirements in each case are applied.

8. SHE - Involved Parties

In dependence of the project structure and the contract regulations, following parties take part within the SHE-requirements:

o Plant Operator
o Know-how Partner
Site Management
Project Management
Design and Engineering
SHE - Specialist
o professional association
o TUEV / GOST or equivalent
Local Authorities
Supervisory Authorities

9. SHE - Specialized Departments

Tasks of the SHE-departments/parties during project completion:

Examination of the project plans
Consultation of the Project Management and planning
Participation in meetings
Active and target-oriented projection work

10. Reporting System and Documentation

Tasks of the SHE- departments during project completion:

Separate notes in the building site report
Separate notes in the week and monthly report
Independent correspondence
Documented training courses of the building site personnel
Obligation of registering all incidents. Reporting directly
  to EuroCom's Managing Directors.


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