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Projects carried out in Eastern Europe within the last years:

- Turnkey execution of a wastewater treatment plant Chemical Industry Russia

- Modernisation of a washing powder plant Russia

- Conceptional design and engineering for the conditioning of contaminated crude ( oil lakes )
in Turkmenistan

- Turnkey installation of a mineralwool production plant (relocation of a plant from Germany
to Russia)

- Due diligence survey of a garment factory, Russia

- Project financing consultancy for various projects sourcing Development Bank programs

- Technical due diligence of a large Sowjet type industrial combine

- Elaboration of a project tender for the rehabilitation of a cement factory including the
exploitation of raw material resources, Cosovo

- Project development of a full scale wood processing plant and windows manufacturing,

- Rehabilitation consultancy services and execution of a modernisation scheme for a
brewery and softdrink factory, Georgia

- Partner sourcing and know-how transfer for several projects

- Turnkey installation of a malt extraction plant, Romania

- Realisation of a Vodka filling and packaging line, Russia

- Privatisation and restructuring of a paper manufacturing- and processing combine, Georgia

- Strategic export marketing planning works and restructuring of a wood processing plant,

- Consultancy and rehabilitation of an oilmill and feedmill production, Russia

- Elaboration of a privatisation scheme for waste management and waste incineration
in the Ukraina

- Elaboration and partially executing of a business and marketing concept for a
Brewery group in Poland and Romania in preparation for a successful privatisation

- Technical advisory services in man-made fibre and textile industry,
Bulgaria and Hungary

- Planning and erection of a car paint factory

- Survey on a location for an oilterminal

- Machinery and general spare part services

- Licenses and approval procedures in Russian

- Projectmanagement for Industry in Eastern Europe


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