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EuroCom Maschinen - Anlagen - Technik is an independent international plant engineering company. The services rendered are engineering, installation of turnkey plants, project management for the industry and the public sector and project development.

EuroCom's long standing personnel is responsible for more than 100 of the mentioned references, offering country and customer tailor made plant engineering services, modern project management and financial engineering.

Within the last decades the requirement of the international plant engineering business has changed in as much as basic industrialisation in so called third world or developing countries has been completed more or less.

For the past years EuroCom's worldwide activities have been targeted to Eastern Europe and former Soviet countries. Thus providing our clients meanwhile with a vast pool of country specific experience, - and at least in Russia, also excellent local personnel.

Globalisation and political changes in the former Eastern block countries not only attract the big players but also forces medium sized enterprises to consider new locations and or strategic investments abroad.

Following market demands project related international financial engineering services have been added to the classic turnkey plant engineering and all-in- cost-plus-fee business, pooled with various privatisations schemes like BOT, BOOT etc.

As a result of the global trend "production follows the market place" for just in time delivery "the supplier moves as close as possible to clients locations" the structuring and execution of plants relocations into foreign countries have become another segment of specialisation.

EuroCom provides an on- and offshore, interdisciplinary services of an integrated project development and physical execution to facilitate strategic investments and safe guard investor's interests.

Integrated project development also means, besides marketing and financial engineering, a management and financial involvement for a defined period of time of EuroCom if strategically and financially suggestive.

EuroCom Maschinen - Anlagen - Technik, Hamburg / Germany

Operations Plant Engineering Project Management
Tasks Turnkey plant engineering services or part thereof, starting from field studies, local partner screening, planning, basic engineering, delivery of plant and machinery, finance engineering, installation and supervision up to commissioning. Project management services, especially for Western European companies planning subsidiaries or participations in new production lines in foreign countries.
Form of Cooperation and/or completion All variations starting from part services on commission basis, trading on customers' account, "cost-plus-fee"- or full responsibility turnkey business (general contracting business) Normally on the basis of a consulting fee
Markets Mainly China, South East Asia, Russia (CIS) Ukraina, Eastern Europe and partly Africa Worldwide with special expertise in China, South East Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe
Products Specific in-house know how in food and beverage industry, environmental engineering and building material industries. Please see our reference list No limitations
Limitations Turnkey plants not exceeding 20 mio. For part services without direct EuroCom financing involvement, no limitations No limitations, full flexibility to undertake part- or full services according to customers' requirements
Personell Both business areas are interlinked and basic services are rendered by experienced specialists. If required, EuroCom disposes of a vast number of top quality freelance personnel. Top functions, however, are always covered by EuroCom own personnel

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